The primary goal of the ISAAA is to provide security skills and experiences to organisations and to foster professional practices within Security Professionals who will preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Legality and Non-repudiation of information resources within organisations.

Organisations benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired by ISAAA Professionals through their full time or part time service engagements, education programs, digital forensic laboratory facilities, security testing and assessment infrastructure and specializations involved. Tie-up with international security service providers gives the additional skill sets to manage large infrastructures.

ISAAA Practitioners include all levels and length and breadth of technologies, development platforms, operating systems, databases, networks, mobile computing, ERP application and a broad range of industries knowledge like such as IT, Financial, Retail, eCommerce, Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government. True beneficiaries of associating with ISAAA are business houses and Government departments, the best source for ‘plug and play’ ready Security Professionals.